Turkish Towels. A cottage must have!

This multipurpose wonder item isn’t just great for combating the beach and sand; it also comes in handy no matter what your cottage adventures throw at you. After all, if there’s one thing seasoned cottagers know best, it’s to expect the unexpected, remain flexible and come prepared.

Keep reading for the 101 on Turkish towels.

What is a Turkish towel?

Sometimes referred to as hammam towels or fouta towels, this specific type of towel is composed of Turkish cotton, which is known for having long fibers. While that might not seem important to you, since you have a closet full of towels, Turkish ones are often stronger.

This means they’re durable and can serve as a picnic blanket on the dock, protection from the sand on a beach day and even a way to dry off when your guest does bring their own towels. They aren’t as soft and cozy as others, but they become more absorbent each time you wash them. And as a bonus, they’re extremely quick to dry.

They also tend to be thinner than fluffy towels, which is ideal for cottagers who want to take a quick dip before heading back to the city. You can use one as a shawl to stay warm on a chilly evening, or even as a bathing suit cover-up.

Apart from the obvious practical benefits, they’re also, well, gorgeous. With countless sources and a myriad of patterns, sizes and shapes. For ones that really stand up to water, dry fast and meet the demands of cottagers, check our hand-picked favourites in the apparel section.