Pureliving candles, bath and body products on The Dockside Store

The Dockside Store cares about the products we offer to our customers. When we found the Pureliving line of candles, bath and body products out of Montreal, Canada, we knew it was a good fit.  Natural and made with love, we carry the Douglas Pin and Lucia line from Pureliving and hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about this incredible product line. 

About Pureliving:

Lucie and André feel lucky to have grown up in the wilderness among forests and fields, gardens and flowers, rivers, lakes and sea. Under skies of good and stormy weather, the pair developed wild energies, which are now channeled into their vibrant, rich and surprising wellness products.

Pure, refined and as natural-as-possible, and with a concentration of active ingredients well above industry standards, these products ensure respect for our Earth, while also celebrating pleasure and joy. In addition to the outdoors, the pair are passionate about travel, perfumes, art – they are constantly in search of the best and most beautiful. They also love to share what drives them.

Inspired home fragrances, natural body care, warm and bewitching candles, soft and aromatic soaps, their range of products offer.

Lucie and André are committed to taking care of your body, home and spirit in order to celebrate your well-being:

Effectiveness: We create handcrafted products of the highest performance and quality and the ingredients in our lines are meticulously selected for their effective therapeutic benefits.

Respect for the natural environment: We favor use of natural, certified 100% organic ingredients, without any synthetic elements and parabens. Our candles are crafted with organic soy wax and soaps are made with organic Shea butter.

Scent experts: We work exclusively with some of the finest perfumers in France.

Animal protection: Our products are never tested on animals.

Love and inspiration: We take the utmost care in developing products that offer you and your loved ones our absolute best quality.