Featured Artist -Drew Ridpath

Drew Ridpath lived most of his life with a family surrounded by art and design. He became involved in interior and exterior architecture and worked with metal sculpture designs which were sold in New York City, Montreal, Toronto and Peterborough. As an Industrial Designer his innovations won several Canadian awards and are still being manufactured. In 1975 Drew moved with his family to Lakefield, his father’s hometown. 


Since living in this beautiful area, the design of cottages and lake homes in Muskoka and the Kawartha regions has been the main focus, although there are many restaurants, homes and other projects that have the “Drew Design”.  


Summers spent on Eels Lake and 40 years appreciating the natural wonders of Algonquin Park at the family cottage on Smoke Lake are now reflected in the art he does for pleasure and relaxation.  Recently he has been the illustrator for a book called Lakefield: Sketches to Remember. 

Dockside looks forward to offering art by Drew Ridpath.